Author: Deidre Silva

Deidre was born in a suburb of Boston during Game Six of the 1967 World Series (go ahead, do the math). She started playing the piano when she was five, at just about the time she was learning to write. A few years after, she joined her first soccer team. A passion for music, writing and sports proved to be her life's guiding principles. A graduate of the University of Maryland and the University of Washington, Deidre follows Husky sports casually but is a typical Terp fan: defensively arrogant and unapologetic. After a stint as a legal researcher, Deidre focused on her writing career, culminating (thus far) with the publication of her baseball book, "It Takes More Than Balls: The Savvy Girls Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Baseball" (Skyhorse, 2008). Her freelance work also appeared in Puget Sound Business Journal, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Times and a variety of other newspapers, MLB programs and baseball publications. Deidre lives in Seattle with her husband Michael, an avid golfer, and her two kids Amelia and Tony. Her soccer career compromised by knee injuries, Deidre spends an unhealthy amount of time coaching her kids' soccer teams. She looks at her 2010 Coach of the Year trophy as one of her life's crowning achievements. Follow Deidre on Twitter @SavvyGirlSports