Author: Seth Kolloen

If you drove down Corliss Avenue North in mid-80s Seattle, you probably saw Seth. He was the kid sorting Alvin Davis cards on his porch, mimicking Paul Skansi in street football games, or arguing the merits of Alton Lister with his friends. Seth has grown up just enough that his interests now include politics, the arts and the value of his Roth IRA; yet he also has season tickets to the Mariners, Sounders and Huskies, and frequently attends high school basketball games for fun. That is to say, he loves sports and still can’t stop talking about them. Shortlisted for a “Genius Award” by The Stranger for his sportswriting, Seth was a frequent guest columnist for the Seattle P-I — “the best young sportswriter you never heard of” — and has also written for Seattle Metropolitan and Deadspin. Seth’s sports posts have been cited by The Washington Post, USA Today, and ESPN. He served as executive editor of Sports Northwest magazine from 2008-2009. He was also sports editor for and The SunBreak, and founded a Seattle sports blog, Enjoy the Enjoyment. Join Seth in suffering the daily slings and arrows of Seattle sports fortune in his column, Exit 164.